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Installation instructions

Linux and OSX

If you're on Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and the like, use the .deb package, but for all other systems including OSX use the binary tarball. Unpack and install like this (please note that archive's name is different for OSX of course):

tar xf ddptools-0.8.8-i386-elf.tar.gz
cd ddptools-0.8.8
sudo ./
cue2ddp --version

This script installs the ddptools into /usr/local/bin by default and also places an uninstaller into that diretory. To run it type:

sudo ddptools-uninstall


For Windows there is not installer available, rather the Zip file you download contains a portable app which you can save wherever you wish and start from there. Inside the archive you'll find a file called start.bat, which when double clicked opens a command promt. Inside that window, you can call the three tools just by their name. This for example shows some version information:

cue2ddp --version

And with this command you can read the manual in a web browser

man cue2ddp