Version 0.8.8 Released

3 August 2014

This is the first stable release of ddptools. The tools are production ready and have been used professionally by a number of people since a couple of years now and with no serious bugs reported. The DDP images produced are highly accurate and up to the specs. I apologize for having been a bit conservative in the recent years calling all previous release "alpha".

Aside from this statement the release does inlcude a number of small improvements:

Version 0.8.7a Released

4 April 2012

This version includes three changes:

Version 0.8.6a Released

15 March 2012

This release improves the report shown once cue2ddp is done reading a cue sheet. You now get detailed information including PQ listing and display of all CD text fields, so you can review your meta databefore creating a DDP. This release also fixes a bug where cue2ddp would write an incorrect checksum after creating the DDP. Upgrading from version 0.8.5a is recommended.

Version 0.8.5a Released

10 April 2012

Aside from many bug fixes this release introduces some new features, which you are invited to test:

Older Releases

Version 0.8.4a (2011-12-06)

Version 0.8.3a (2011-11-28)

Version 0.7.6.a (2011-03-11)

Version 0.7.0a (2011-01-24)

Version 0.6.0a (2009-04-21) and before